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My fitness goal was to start workouts regularly, at least 3 times a week & to lose 8-10 kilos within 4-6 months. I wanted a moderate pace and was looking for sustainable method of losing weight. With help of Himan I have successfully worked out regularly, watched my diet and lost nearly 10 kilos with in 6 months. 


Himan is very knowledgeable on training methods, exercises and about diet plans. Although I worked out only for 30 mins - 3 times a week - it has always been a power packed workout. Great combination of exercise ensured a complete full body workout each time I trained under Himan. 

Himan is a very friendly trainer and I Highly recommend him to any individual who has an intention to get fit. Under his guidance that individual will surely get results. Highly recommended!!

**your outcome may vary**

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