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Honestly, I had started Training with Himan without any goal and it started because of Peer Pressure as my wife had been training with Himan for a while. Fitness/ sports have never been my cup of tea and it was last in my priority list. During the time I started with Himan in early 2020 I was going through severe back pain (Nerve Pinching) and had spent enough on Physiotherapy etc with no rescue, I was weighing 93kgs then and obviously the back pain was because of me being overweight, poor lifestyle, bad posture and having tried all options to get over the pain, I decided to go for few weeks of exercise to get rid of back pain.
It was because of Himan training regime, I got glued to exercise and the training which had started as twice a week has become a everyday ritual for me, it is part of my life and my body would need atleast a 45 mins exercise everyday. Thanks to Himanshu, and I am proud to say without push or persuasion I have become passionate about loosing those bad calories in me, I didn't even realise when steadily it became part of my daily routine, this is what Himan can do to you and especially for people like me who have never been into any form of exercise in past.
Thanks to Himan I feel much fresh and energetic and watchful of what I eat. I am happy to say I now weigh 76.5 Kgs In 2021 from 93 Kgs in January 2020 (do note I did not exercise from April 2020 to August 2020) and this has been achieved by minimal change to my food habit I ofcourse still eat things I love on my cheat days.
You don’t need to be in a fitness centre to be trained by Himan. The knowledge and variety of training Himan has does not need any equipment as his training methods are purely functional. My above achievements have been only with a pair of dumbbells, unlike in other instances I see there is a heavy reliance on Gym equipment. Since I am not a gym person and because of variety of exercises Himan has, I believe this has played an important part for me to be connected to Himan’s Training for over a year now.

**your outcome may vary**

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