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My fitness goal has been to lose fat and replace with muscle, as well as strengthen my muscles to support my active lifestyle. My muscle tone and strength have improved measurably and visibly. I also appreciate the catering to my hectic schedule.
I travel a lot and work a lot, and therefore we need to meet early in the morning to be able to fit him into my schedule. He’s very accommodating to my needs. Himan and I train only. He seems to be very knowledgeable on how to train and strengthen. Although he pushes me to incrementally advance my weight or reps, or difficulty, he listens when I’m experiencing an injury and we need to make adjustment on the fly. 
I was recommended to Himan through two of my good friends. I would certainly highly recommend him to others who are looking for a trainer. I enjoy the indoor and outdoor training sessions, keeps it interesting. 

**your outcome may vary**

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