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I have known Himan for over a year now. A good friend of mine and I trained together with with him for about 6 months last year. I’m excited to get back in the gym with him again to start 1-on-1 training sessions now! Himan is nothing short of delightful! He is caring, reliable and extremely accommodating to his clients and their individual needs and requests. His supportive and encouraging nature carries over into his role as a personal trainer and he is great at finding how best to motivate you specifically in order to reach your full training potential. Himan has always gone above and beyond to accommodate my ever-changing schedule and training location needs, which is super convenient. He is a pleasure to work with!

My goal was to improve my overall fitness, strength training, toning ,weight loss and to enhance my running endurance and improve form through weight training. I was also experiencing chronic severe back pain which I was looking to alleviate. A personal trainer that comes to you eliminates the hassle of having to sign up for a gym membership and cuts out the travel time to/from the gym, which often times can prevent a person from working out at all.  Because Himan came to me, at times that worked best with my schedule, there were no excuses to skip a work out. He helped to hold me accountable and stay motivated and his expert guidance and instruction enabled me to reach my fitness goals much faster than if I had just joined a gym on my own. 


As a result of training with Himan, I have shed unwanted pounds, improved my overall strength and running endurance and my severe back pain has been alleviated! Himan has extensive experience as a professional body builder as well as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. He has taught me a great deal about the importance of proper strength training and explained why building lean muscle is key for maximizing performance and improving one’s overall fitness level. His knowledge regarding the differences in each individual’s specific weight training needs is extensive and he carefully takes this into account when customizing a work out plan tailored to his client’s fitness level, background and desired training goals.


He is also well-versed in targeted weight lifting to relieve chronic aches and pains related to weakened muscles and sports injuries which helped me to achieve my goal to relieve my severe back pain. His knowledge on nutrition is Excellent! He is quite knowledgable about many types of diets as well as nutritional supplements and which diets/supplements work best to meet your individual goals. He was even kind enough to put together a customized dietary plan to help me effectively shed undated weight and achieve the results I desired.  I am confident in his vast understanding of nutrition and it’s role in overall physical fitness and health.


I would absolutely recommend Himan’s services! I have already referred several of my friends who have used his personal training services and they’ve benefited greatly from his program! The convenience of having a personal trainer come to YOU made all the difference in my motivation achieve my fitness goals quicker and I would highly recommend his services to anyone! 

**your outcome may vary**

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