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My initial goal was weight loss. My goals evolved with the support of Himan. I lost weight but I also learned how to eat for peak performance, lose fat (not muscle), hydrate, and take a healthier approach to lifestyle and diet. Himan’s knowledge is excellent. He teaches as he trains and his coaching is effective. I have absolutely gained more from Himan than my initial goals. Anyone that exceeds all expectations is highly recommended to all of my friends and family. He exceeded expectation in all areas of health, wellness, and results.


I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Himan. I have known him for three years. His coaching has evolved as my life and goals have evolved. To achieve a great body and a healthy lifestyle requires mental health as well. He approached our sessions this way and talked through my concerns, challenges, and excitement. He became a dear friend during our time together and I’m beyond grateful for the hours we spent training and the value I gained from our relationship.

**your outcome may vary**

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