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I have trained with Himan for over 12 months now, I had been training at F45 and realized that I was losing weight and muscle at the same time, but my objective was to put on muscle and change the body shape and increase my body strength. Results in other gym routines were mixed, hence wanted to try him out.


The result after year one have been great. I get frequent comments from my friends that I am looking better and fitter than they have seen me. I have put on about 7kg since I started 12 months ago, but it’s been “good weight” and I can feel the increase in muscle strength. It’s been a very satisfying journey. 


He has a lot of experience in different body types and advises best for the target you have set. Absolutely, no hesitation in recommending his services. He is very friendly and always willing to accommodate your schedule. Keep it going Himan and continue to transform people’s health/body/mind!

**your outcome may vary**

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