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My original fitness goal starting with Himan was to gain strength and improve my endurance. Prior to moving to Singapore I had completed more than 20 races including Half-Marathons, Marathon, 5k and 10k races, and a Sprint Triathlon. I ran my first Half Marathon in Singapore in December 2016 and my finishing time was the slowest it had ever been. I knew I needed to add some strength training to my workout routine in order to improve. 
A friend recommended Himan and I began training with him in addition to following my normal half-marathon training schedule. I ran another Half Marathon in December 2017 and significantly improved my time. Not only did I run my best time ever in the last 3 miles of that race, I felt the best I ever had after a race. Without a doubt, I improved my time only because of my training with Himan. 
Now I feel I have gained more strength, I am looking at setting some new goals for myself with the help of Himan. He is extremely knowledgeable about training and nutrition. In training, he varies my routines so the workout is always new and challenging.  My muscles never get used to one routine and I still go away from workouts with muscle fatigue and soreness, which I believe is key to my success. He explains which muscles we are working and ensures I do each exercise in the correct form. We continually discuss nutrition and he gives me recommendations on how to fuel my body, reduce weight (after travels and holiday celebrations), and what to eat for post-workout recovery meals. I appreciate the way we discuss it as it is not done in an invasive or judging manner but more of recommendations and suggestions on how to improve myself. 
I would absolutely recommend his services and have already done so. I feel Himan is continually incorporating new exercises into my training sessions to keep them interesting and fun. Not only do I feel I have a wonderful trainer, I feel I have made a lifelong friend in Himan. What a joy it is I get to train with him on a regular basis. I look forward to continuing our training and to see what new goals we can achieve. 

**your outcome may vary**

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