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When I first started working with Himan I was looking to kickstart my fitness routine. I wanted working out to become fun as I got to do it more. I look forward to the sessions I have with Himan – his range of exercise options mean that the workouts stay fresh and fun. His gentle encouragement and real excitement at the obvious improvements in my strength and ability make me feel that he is as invested in my health as I am.


Himan has been able to give me practical recommendations on the appropriate nutrition for my goals with a focus on eating the right amount of protein. He understands the importance of nutrition and movement and adapts the workouts that we do according to energy and ability levels on each day.


I highly recommend working out with Himan.  Both my husband and I look forward to our sessions with him and feel more confident in the gym and with trying out new exercises.Thanks Himan – your patience and encouragement and knowledge of the industry have made my workouts something I look forward to! Can I rate a 6 out of 5?

**your outcome may vary**

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