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I found out that I had early onset of osteoarthritis on my right knee and the doctor recommended that I lose weight to reduce the load on my knees. I met Himan through a friend who had achieved her goal beautifully. I told Himan about my situation and we chalked out a plan that would meet my goal and would be sustainable as well rather than a short lived quick fix.

Himan was well aware of my physical limitations due to my knee and he mapped out a plan which was a perfect combination of exercise and a sustainable diet to achieve the required weight loss. His recommendations were realistic and easy to follow. He gives personal attention to each client and is very dedicated to his work. I would highly recommend him.

I have not only felt motivated but I also look forward to my work out sessions (which I never thought would be possible for me). I feel very comfortable talking to Himan about my progress, my failures even and my limitations on a day to day basis. I look forward to finding out what I am physically capable of as I progress.

**your outcome may vary**

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