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I joined fitness first in Nov 2017 with an aim of staying fit and losing weight but as usual I couldn’t make it to gym from office most of the times and totally stopped visiting since May/June 2018. In Sep, I googled and Himan’s name came first for fitness training at home. We had a trial class and clear discussion of my goals which was/is losing weight, getting back in shape and good health. Himan shared a diet chart with me and we started with minimum 3 sessions a week. 
I have lost 5 plus Kg weight in just over 2 months of training with him, I have a long way to go but it wouldn’t have been possible without Himan’s hard work. We started with 3 sessions a week and I liked it so much that I asked Himan to increase to 4 a week as much as possible. Himan has vast experience in fitness training, he knows variety of exercises and makes sure I maintain the correct posture while doing exercises to avoid any injury. 
I highly recommend his services and as a result my husband has also recently started training with him 🙂 He is very friendly, flexible to adjust with my availability and possess strong knowledge & experience in his field. 
All of us has experienced in our lives signing up with gyms and rarely going there for exercise resulting in waste of money. Himan’s fitness training at your place is the best and unique service. You will save time to commute and no reason to skip the session 🙂

**your outcome may vary**

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