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I have worked with Himan for a little over a year. It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable with Himan. He would always clarify any doubts I had about diet and/or training. He was both a trainer and a friend that I could share and discuss anything with. Himan is an excellent trainer in the way that he is flexible in terms of routine and goals. Based on what muscles I would need to work on a day, he would be able to quickly devise an effective workout for me, which really helped me progress in the long term. Himan and I got along very well, to the point that we shared many life stories with each other, and give each other any needed advice in relation to both training as well as lifestyle. All in all, he is a very open and friendly person who can easily relate to his clients.


I was quite skinny before I started training with Himan, and thus my main goal was to put on some serious muscle mass.  Throughout the year of training with Himan I noticed rapid progress towards my fitness goal. I had gained more than 5kgs of lean muscle mass in about half a year, which is a lot. It had made a significant impact on how my body looked, and had greatly improved my self confidence. By the time I had finished training with Himan, I had already achieved much more than I had ever expected to. Himan’s knowledge is impeccable. Literally 95% of what I know today about training and diet has come from Himan. His knowledge has helped me continue to pursue new fitness goals by myself, even after finishing training with Himan. He is always enthusiastic when explaining new things to me, and will not miss out a single detail.


I’ve always been inspired by his discipline and physique as well. He has a passion for bodybuilding and that can be seen by the work he puts in towards any upcoming competitions. He knows everything one would need to know about nutrition, and will be able to give his clients specific advice based on their fitness goals. Himan has given me a lot of advice in relation to my diet, including any necessary tweaks to make based on whether I was bulking or cutting.


I would and always have recommended his services to friends and family. Majority of the progress I had ever made in my life was due to his training and advice, which I really appreciate. Training with Himan has given me the momentum to continue staying fit and being disciplined (in terms of training and diet) for the rest of my life. 

**your outcome may vary**

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