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When I started in November 2017, I was unfit, low stamina, poor eating habit and overweight. My goal was to get fit with better eating habits and lose 10kgs of weight over time if not immediately. Ever since I started training with Himan I can see a visible change to my body structure and shape, changing steadily each month. I do find myself much fitter and easy to exercise without getting out of breath. I am positive that with more training, I will also lose the more weight which is my main aim and fitness goal.


Himan has good knowledge on training and nutrition and takes efforts to explain over and over again to me. He always monitors my energy level during work outs and will accordingly make me train for the day, most of the time pushing me to achieve more for the day without straining my body unnecessarily. As for nutrition, he has provided me with a diet chart which does not excessively limit my food options, thereby keeping a balance.


I always encourage my friends, family and colleagues to get fitter and recommend Himan. He is always looking out and asking if I am following a good diet and correcting my mistakes if I intake wrong food item at the wrong hour. He keeps motivating and pushing me to do those 5 extra push ups! As a person, truly a very well behaved and kind person.

**your outcome may vary**

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