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I’ve trained with Himan for over a year. He’s been amazing to work with in every possible way. He’s thoroughly personable and professional and can make exercising even for the most unmotivated of people (like me!) something to look forward to. I had not exercised in years. I needed to rebuild my stamina and strength. My goal was to achieve these targets was to get fit enough to climb Mount Fuji! 


Within 7 months of starting my training with Himan I had surpassed my fitness goals. He is technically sound and he is regimented without being too firm. He explains the right exercise techniques in a detailed manner, which helps me retain the knowledge. I found Himan’s nutritional advise very helpful. He helped me change my diet habits gradually, giving my body time to adjust. He always provide holistic advise – exercise plus diet. Himanshu is a superb trainer and a really nice person.


He can help you get motivated, stay motivated, get into shape even if it’s for the first time ever, or elevate your fitness level to new heights.

**your outcome may vary**

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