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When I started to train with Himan I wasn’t obese, but definitely had some weight to lose. During initial days I didn’t believe that a trainer would really be able to help me until I had “worked my way up to it” . I had worst life style sometimes nights – and don’t sleep well. What I particularly liked about Himan was that he looked at me as a whole as opposed to giving me some exercises and counting the sets and reps. It took a bit of time but he first helped me establish better habits. Not one to diet, himan took a look at what I ate and helped me identify what foods are really good for weight loss and which ones that I could live without.


The result was I lost 3 to 4 kgs within span of a month. Himan is having very strong knowledge on nutrition and also gave me a meal plan which helped me a lot in all aspects. I was looking for a trainer from past one year in almost all the countries wherever I have visited on work till now but I could not find a blend who had both knowledge on training as well as nutrition,


I’m working with Himan from past 45 days and now I’m addicted to him. Already I have started recommending him as a personal trainer for my friends and colleagues giving my example. I would like Himan to start his own gym , So that there will be no constraints of equipment which is required and also he adopt latest trends of training.

**your outcome may vary**

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