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My primary fitness goal was to get active again. During Covid Phase 1/2 window, my lifestyle had become quite unhealthy and it was starting to show. My back had taken a beating due to persistent work from home in front of a laptop, and other pains had started to crop-up in other parts of my body. I wanted to get back to being strong and active. My secondary objective was to lose weight - approximately 5 kgs. I don’t consider myself obese but I know I will feel and live better if I am lighter. 


Today, I can confidently say that I am stronger, fitter and better due to Himan. While I may not have shed the entire 5 kgs I was hoping to, I have definitely lost inches. Also, I am lifting the heaviest I have ever in my life. I am pain-free, active again, happy and confident. I look forward to my work out sessions with Himan and feel motivated to achieve greater physical fitness. 

Himan is very strong technically. During our workout regime, he keeps a close eye on body form, and even with subtle adjustments, you can tell the difference. This helps prevent injuries even while doing heavy weights and ensures the exercise is focusing on the right group of muscles. 


Another thing about working out with Himan is the variety of exercises he exposes you to. I train with him in the gym, where there is a diverse set of exercises for each body part and we also do TRX a couple of times a month, to exercise the muscles you cannot activate much in the gym,


Lastly, our chemistry on nutrition worked out quite well, as I too am a vegetarian, much like him. While he has not made large scale changes to my diet, he has guided me well on what to eat and when. 

Himan is a professional. Not just another buffed up individual who is also a fly-by-night trainer. He is experienced and technically sound. Not very many out there like him.  


Highly recommend him. Don’t wait, get 10 sessions with him as a start and you will feel the difference, no doubt.

**your outcome may vary**

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