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I have had many trainers in the past and after starting my training with Himan, over the last 2 months, I feel I have finally found the perfect trainer for my fitness requirements. I was looking for someone who not only knows the technicalities of training, the right exercises, in addition to good nutrition advise, but someone who can keep me MOTIVATED and CONSISTENT, and that is exactly what Himan has done for me. Most trainers know the exercises for the different body types and can easily provide healthy diets but not all trainers can make the workouts fun in a way that it makes the student look forward to the classes. It’s the first time I can honestly say that I’m loving my workouts with a trainer, and have never cancelled a class unless I have been out of town!​


My fitness goal when I started training with him was to lose weight, but to do it at a steady and manageable pace due to sports injuries i.e. tennis elbow and a collapsed disc in my neck, which I have sustained over the last few years. Over the last 2 months my strength, endurance, and general fitness levels have seen a drastic improvement. Weight loss is a slow process for me but the workouts have kick started that process at a good pace, and I have found myself buying clothes one size smaller already with friends noticing the positive changes.


In addition to the visible weight loss, mentally I feel great and a lot more confident about my body and the direction I am headed with my program. Himan has a very sound knowledge of core training, and can customize a perfect workout based on requirements. My need for an overall weight loss plan has a workout customized to effectively target all my “problem” areas. In addition to battling the body fat and toning, Himan has helped me build up my muscle strength around my injuries to help me recover from my tennis elbow at faster pace than any physiotherapy or medication which I was on prior to starting my training.


I would definitely recommend Himan’s services to anyone looking for a good trainer, and from my personal experience, including those who have special training needs due to sports/ general injuries. Himan has been extremely flexible in adapting to the demanding changes in my schedule. He has always helped make time to ensure he can meet my requirements of working out 3 times a week, even if he has to sacrifice his day off or work late hours during the week. His professionalism, coupled with his patient and jovial character makes him the perfect personal trainer!

**your outcome may vary**

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